100 days of social media bundle
If you're an online service provider, personal brand or product creator who wants to feel confident about what you are putting out on your networks then this bundle is exactly what you need. 
  • 100 days of Social Media posts - includes 100 Facebook images, 100 Instagram images, and 100 Instagram Stories images. 
  • This 100 Days of Social Media Bundle is created SPECIFICALLY for you to have done-for-you images, videos, social media prompts, a content calendar and the ability to make & customize any social media posts you want.
  • Truly leverage THE best marketing system available RIGHT NOW to get more brand recognition, visibility and an engaged tribe that turns into loyal customers.
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Livestream 365 Planning System
If you're an online service provider, personal brand or product creator who wants to feel confident about using livestreams and knowing exactly what to say to book out your business, but you struggle with knowing what to say, speaking to an empty room OR capturing and following up with leads while you're on, then you need my "Livestream 365 Planning System" - a totally NEW way to get results from your social media efforts.
  • An editable 365 days of livestreams content calendar, video training, and Trello board included! 
  • This Planning System is created SPECIFICALLY for going live, making it completely different than any other social media planning system on the market today.
  • I'll give you the EXACT steps in this just released Sales System, so that you can learn how to run your Live Broadcasts (daily or not!) in a totally new way, leading to booked solid programs and one to one practices.
  • Book your business solid without the pain, hassle and overwhelm of #allthethings currently available to market your business online...
  • Truly leverage THE best marketing tool available RIGHT NOW to get more qualified, buying clients.
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